Thursday, 19 January 2017

Joy to my ears

I recently re-subscribed to Spotify Premium and it is filling my ears with joy! Just before Christmas I basically searched every single Christmas playlist I could find, picked my favourite one and then played it every single day in December. True story. 

Along the way I've found so many other playlists to follow and mixes and oh! Joy of joys, there's even a whole playlist for grime music, which somehow (I still have no explanation for this) totally floats my boat! I've yet to blast that one out as I am 100% certain that is something that Dave will not enjoy one single tiny bit. Just wait til he's out of the house again though...

The best thing about it, for me, is listening to a song on the radio that I really like and then coming home to find more music by the same band. Tonight was Blossoms. Turns out I really like them too! Woop! It truly is joy to my ears every single day. 

Not so much joy to my ears is that whenever I yawn my right ear crackles. That I can tell you is definitely not joyous. Instead it is totally horrible and a reminder of how rubbish my ears actually are. If only getting different ears was an option. I could get on a plane again and fly to New Orleans for all the amazing music that would bring all the joy to my ears... *sigh*

In other news:

The cold of doom still will not die. It is actually really starting to wear me down. And today someone else is clearly starting with it in the office so it's just going to go round again. Nope. It cannot continue. Should you have any miracle cure for the cold of doom please do let me know. I beg of you! 

Busy busy work week - I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow! How did that happen?!?

I can see the weekend in sight! It's there! So close! Get in! 

See ya tomorrow! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Roving reporter

That whole day on a gritter thing at work the other day really started something off! Today I was down at a site where they were doing a massive clear up on a whole heap of fly tipping, followed by a visit to the bus station where there was an official opening of a dementia friendly quiet room with ribbon cutting and everything! I have to admit, it's kind of cool! I feel a bit like a roving reporter and am thinking of asking for a new job title. Join Claire as she live tweets from [insert random location and random task here] ... it could totally be a thing! 

Tell you what though, that adventure and a couple of meetings meant that I wasn't really at my desk at all and so it didn't feel like a productive day. Even though I obviously did get loads of things done, just in a different location and format I guess, from the usual type of work. 

Also it was really quite unfortunate that to get to the fly tipping site we basically had to cross a massive muddy field. And I was getting a ride in a car that was like a sporty saloon number where you have to clamber in and out of the back seat...and it had cream leather interior...cream leather + mud + trying to get in back seat = tricky shit! Followed by a really big team meeting with a brand new director and I had mud all over my trousers. Hmmmmm. Maybe I need some kind of waterproof suit to go with my new roving reporter status. Wipe clean? Too far? 

I ended the work day trying to take a selfie outside of a museum in town with my work buddy for museum selfie day. That is almost an impossible task when the museum is closed and it's dark outside. Just in case you were ever thinking of trying it for yourself. Don't. But if you want to fall about giggling helplessly as you try to decide whether kneeling on the floor with the camera pointing upwards will help to get the shot, absolutely have it as that is hi-larious! 

I might work in a 9 to 5 job but I can absolutely say that no two days are ever the same! I wonder what madness Thursday will bring? Bye-eee! 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rag Bone!

I have a sneaky suspicion that a rag and bone man is very definitely a British thing. The ones who walk up and down the streets shouting RAGBONE really loudly and collecting scrap metal? Yes? No? Is this a universal thing? 

Do we really need to know? I suppose not. 

But you very definitely should know about this Rag'n'Bone Man. Cos his song Human is my absolute fave right now. You know the drill by now, it comes on the radio, I turn it up loud, sing at the top of my voice and do my car seat dance shuffle. LOVE. IT. 

Interestingly, I had no clue what he looked like and thought maybe it would be another George Ezra type thing where that big deep melodious voice actually belonged to a skinny white dude. Turns out Rag'n'Bone Man suits his fantastic deep, gravelly voice very well! Take it away Man...

Monday, 16 January 2017

Erm, where did Monday go?

Monday, wow. Dude, where did you go? One minute it was 8.45 and I was just logging on and the next minute it was after 5 and I was packing my laptop away to work from home tomorrow! I wish every Monday went by that quickly! It's been the same this evening too. Came home, made tea, tackled the giant ironing pile, did two loads of washing, washed up, did a couple of blogs, oh yeah and watched the very last in this season of Nashville! 

Nashville! What are you trying to do to me? I'm going to be totally honest with you here, I yelled a lot at the TV tonight. Mainly calling all the awful lay-dees the nasty names, so many bad ladies in this series! That Layla? Bee-atch! And Autumn? Ooooh missus, you be mean with a capital M! So much snogging, so much of the fuzzy feels, so much cliffhanger ending! WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK? Blimey. 

But what will I watch now when I do the ironing? It helps me to get through. Please send any suggestions in the comments. It preferably has to be a TV programme that contains lots of sparkly dresses, big hair, some easy on the eye, eye candy and all the drama. It's like my weekly fix! *sobs* 

I'd love to write more but I've got the washing up and the sorting of the socks to do before bed. This day shall be known as all of the jobs Monday. 

Later alligators. 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Birthday weekend / who's that ginger bird?!

Noooooooooo I missed a day! Bugger! I'm blaming the wine. It was birthday party weekend and everything, surely this is enough of an excuse?! Anyways, I'm back now and what a blummin' fab weekend! 

Yesterday was basically party central. Well, I say party, I think gathering is more of an appropriate term. Nearly all of Dave's family and my parents (had to have some Jennings representation against all that lot!) came round our house. We ate too much party food, definitely drank a few too many glasses of vino, enjoyed sparklers on top of the most fabulous cake and all round had an absolutely lovely afternoon/evening. By the time the majority of people had toddled off home it was just me and Dave and his brother and wife, which was simply fab. They fell big style hard for the Bobster so there was lots of cuddles and play fights which ended up in Bob deciding to climb on top of them and settle in for the night, which can be a bit of a shock the first time all forty kilos of him lands on you, but they loved it really! 

Shortly after they'd gone I decided it was still early enough for me to head off into town and catch the last couple of hours of Cat's birthday party! As you do. Just like a student, past 10pm, I got into a cab and headed to the second party of the day! It was really nice to see lots of familiar faces (and many I didn't know) as well as get to see the birthday girl in her poshy-posh dress and fancy fascinator - so glam! Drink a bit more wine, catch up with some people, see people that I haven't seen for absolutely years and pick right back up again...deffo worth leaving my toasty warm house and braving the cold weather! 

Sidenote: one lovely lady that I used to work with was there with her husband and when I came in he said to her, who's that ginger bird, I know her! She reminded him that I'd been at their wedding *chuckles* but it made me laugh all evening. I'm choosing that as the new description for myself: ginger bird. 

Came home just after midnight, so that I didn't turn into a pumpkin. Went to bed. End of Saturday. 

Sunday - the big birthday day! We slept in til 9! Shocker! Been to the beach with Bob, eaten some more birthday cake (anyone want any? We've got HEAPS!) I've been to the supermarket for the big shop and now we're winding down into a chilled out birthday evening - a tasty pizza for tea, cheesecake for pudding, maybe another cheeky beer or two, happy birthday to you! 

All in all, a rather fabulous weekend. 

But now we're all verrrrrry sleepy...

Over and out! 

Friday, 13 January 2017

The day of the gritters

I'm making the assumption here that everyone knows what a gritter is...? But just in case, the gritters are the trucks that drive round chucking grit salt all over our roads when the weather is icy and cold. And today I went on one. Yep, Friday was Gritters Day! 

Me and two of my team mates headed off to the depot around about lunchtime. First of all we got a massive tour of all the cool places to see there, including sheds full of seasonal vehicles and the 2000+ tonnes of salt all stacked up ready to fill the trucks. We asked loads of questions, met all the gritters and basically had the time of our lives all in the name of work. We took loads of photos, we did a Boomerang video for Instagram and we did our very first live tweeting. It was all pretty cool, and the best thing of all was that it got loads of really good and positive engagement and showed people exactly where some of their money goes. 

Then we all got to go out on a gritting route! Mine was all through the town, over the border, past some of the best sights that the town has to offer and basically in and out and all around, totalling up 30 miles! And in that time we dropped about 7 tonnes of salt - totally cool! I did more live tweeting, including jumping out of the gritter at the bus station so that we could do a drive-by down the ramp. I loved how on board the gritter drivers were, everyone at the depot really, it was proper ace! 

In total we were all out of the office for about three hours, which is mental considering our crazy looming deadlines, but also totally brilliant and very well received. Driving home we were like excited kids at Christmas, stumbling over each other to say whose grit route had been the best and we did this, and we did much fun! When we got back to the office everyone wanted to know what it had been like, where did we go, oh and maybe we'll need you to go out on Monday with a team that are doing a major clean up operation...YES! What with that and the cold of doom finally starting to shift, Friday was a tip-top day! 

Tomorrow is party time! And Sunday is the big birthday day, although let's face it we'll probably be sleeping through most of that due to some social beverage drinking or two tomorrow...

Happy weekend everyone! 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Life lessons lately

It's been a funny old start to the year. The Evil Death Cold, I think, has certainly affected my perception of things and my patience has not been so present, which has subsequently led to some very important life lessons. 

First of all, people are weird. Truly they are. This has been brought to my attention mainly by working in the world of social media. Perhaps that should be amended to people in the world of social media are weird. My basic point is that I think a lot of people don't always stop and think as they tweet/vent out in anger on the socials that there is a real life person on the other end who will have to deal with it. I get it, you're pissed, and the whole venting on the socials thing is your way of dealing with it, but give a girl a break. Hammering out 5 tweets in a row with the same message might just make said girl die inside a little bit...

Can I admit that it worries me ever so slightly that I'm going to become disillusioned very fast with the human race...? 

Life lesson/motto: people = weird. 

I'm still working on how I deal with that one. 

Another life lesson is one of gaining understanding. It can sometimes be hard, when people have ailments that they talk about constantly to have patience and try to be a little bit compassionate. I do try very hard but here is another example of when the Evil Death Cold has come into play. Please don't think for a minute that I'm comparing more serious ailments to my stupid cold, but over the last couple of weeks I have experienced how it can become all consuming when you are feeling rubbish. And you want to tell people about how rubbish you feel. In addition you have very little else to talk to people about as you've not been able to do anything or go anywhere due to feeling rubbish. I feel like all I've done since the beginning of the year is moan to people about my cough and cold and I'm quite bored now so I'm sure everyone else is too - sorry! 

Life lesson: feeling rubbish can easily become all consuming. 
Motto/action: Try to practice more patience and understanding and empathy.

My final life lesson is that even at the grand old age of almost 42, there are still life lessons to be learned. This gives me great comfort. We should continually evolve I think and adjust and continue to 'move with the times' - old person phrase alert! 

Don't be too alarmed by the more serious tone of this post. Nothing wrong with a bit of learning and pondering in the early days of the year. Normal nonsense service will resume from tomorrow. Over and out.